PRACTICAL TRAINING: Day One: Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

Your first session will generally take a day (sometimes longer depending on individual ability) and consists of a short discussion on the requirements of the Compulsory basic training (CBT) Course and other mandatory topics as laid down by the DSA. You will then be introduced to your machine and instructed in the completion of a series of exercises in basic machine control. All pre-road training is conducted on our large tarmac area with simulated roadways, the session is concluded with a pre-road brief, a video and your instructor will then guide you during your on-road sessions. Once a satisfactory and safe standard has been achieved a CBT certificate is issued. (If more time is needed that session is either extended or rebooked AT NO ADDITIONAL COST to the trainee. It is vital for the trainee to be able to drink plenty of tea and have lots of laughs; this course is designed to be relaxed and fun.

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