cbtAll candidates seeking a to pass their motorcycle tests via staged access will be required to pass the Motorcycle Theory and Hazard Awareness Test. The Bike School offers candidates the opportunity to sit simulated tests on our Computers and has on offer all the recommended training as prescribed by The Driving Standards Agency aids to assist in preparing you for a successful first time pass.

You will be issue with a home study pack and relevant training aids at the time of the initial booking appointment.

Sample tests are available online and free of charge, these can be found by following this link


 You will be required to attend one or more test preparation sessions to ensure you are comfortable with the requirements of the Module One Test. During these sessions you will be coached in the various exercises, including the Motorcycle Manoeuvring Layout, 19mph Circuit ride and 32mph Hazard Avoidance exercises, during which Speed Measuring Equipment will used. You will also cover additional road riding skills, including progressive road riding and confidence building, leading up to the DSA Module One Test.

 Module 1: off-road manoeuvres

Module 1 is the off-road module and normally takes about 20 minutes.

It includes:

  • wheeling the moped or motorcycle and using the stand

  • riding a slalom and figure of 8

  • a slow ride

  • a U-turn

  • cornering and controlled stop

  • cornering and the emergency stop

  • cornering and hazard avoidance

There is a minimum speed for the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises:

  • for mopeds this is around 19mph

  • for motorcycles this is around 31mph

Motorcycle manoeuvring area

Module 1 takes place in a safe off-road area called a motorcycle manoeuvring area. The layout of the area depends on where you take your test.

You can download diagrams showing the different types of layout by following this link.

Module 2 motorcycle training on road.